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Exceed your charitable fundraising goals—with no financial risk. You don’t pay until the money is in your hands.

It pays

Increase donor loyalty and reach out beyond your typical donor base to a new, untapped source of revenue.

Your organization doesn’t pay until the money is in your hands!

Acquiring awesome travel packages…
has never never been easier!

Step 1 – Select Travel Packages

Browse our catalog of travel packages and select packages that will excite and motivate your guest. To select a package just click on the “Add to cart” button.  A shopping cart icon will appear on the upper right corner of your screen. After you have selected all your travel packages click on the shopping cart icon

Step 2 – Contact Benefit Bidding

Review the items in your cart and when you are ready click on the “Submit Order” button.  Fill in the information form that will appear. In the “Order Notes” section please include information about your event. The purchase price on the form shows the item costs to your organization IF THE ITEM SELLS.  NO COST to your organization if the packages doesn’t  sell at your event!

Step 3 – Have an Auction!

Contact Benefit Bidding to setup an online auction to promote your travel packages. Place your travel packages in your Live, Online, Mobile or Paper Bidding Auction. We suggest setting your opening bid to be $300 to $500 above your package price costs. After your packages sell in your auction contact Benefit Bidding to notify us of who purchased the packages.

Nothing gets donors and prospects more excited
than luxury travel packages to exotic places.

What types of packages will excite and motivate your audience?

How would your supporters prefer to travel?

Shop by location

Click on a location below to view packages in that area.

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