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Make Social Media Work for You Part 3

In this series, we are making social media work for you and your organization!  In this blog post we will talk about Instagram and Youtube.  Both of these are great and visually interesting tools to help promote your organization’s goals. Instagram is a great way to post photos and share information about events.  This social […]


Make Social Media Work for You Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our series about making social media work for you!  This month, we will talk about blogs.  This is an amazing opportunity to let people everywhere know about what your organization is doing and how they can help facilitate your goals. Blogging is a great way to provide information to […]


Ideas for a Great School Auction

There are many organizations which participate in auctions in order to raise money.  One of our favorite types to work with are schools.  School can be the gateway to a community.  We all have fond memories of band, football, dances, and trying not to fall asleep during a class.  One of my least favorite memories […]


Make Social Media Work for You Part 1

How do you make social media work for your organization?  It’s difficult to keep up with every social media application out in the world and know how to use it as a fundraising booster.  This series of posts will tell you how to use various social media to boost your online auction sales and advertise your […]


Team Events

Team events are an amazing way to raise money for your organization.  They can really bring a community together and help more people hear about your organization and the causes they support.  Here are some ideas for live team fundraiser events that include silent auctions or online auctions. Spelling Bee Competition: Everyone loves to show […]


First Consultation

  You might think you have a small organization or that you don’t have many auction items, so having an auction isn’t right for you.  We work with organizations both small and large, with live auctions and online auctions.  We have so much to offer your organization starting with your first phone call for a […]


Advertise Your Auction

Once you have made the decision to have an auction, how to you let people know when and where to bid on your amazing items?  There are some amazing ways to advertise your auction. Send invitations.  If you are having a formal event, send paper invitations to those who are invited.  These will need to […]


Online Auctions

What are online auctions and how can they benefit your organization? Great question!  Let me explain how Benefit Bidding can help you plan the perfect online auction. Benefit Bidding offers several different ways to make money for your organization.  One of the best ways is an online auction.  When you think of an online auction, […]


Auction Theme

The best auctions have a great auction theme. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to have balloons or matching clothes, but it does mean you need a cohesive auction theme to make sure your live auction can be fun and get your organization the most money.  What does having a theme entail? An overarching auction […]