Online Fundraising Auctions

Benefit Bidding will help your organization host an online fundraising auction.
We’ll take your cause to heart and assist you with raising money for your music and arts programs.

The Problem

Budgetary cuts across the board can negatively impact schools, in many cases they can decimate programs in music and the arts, robbing students of the intellectual, cognitive, and social benefits of these pursuits.

At Benefit Bidding, we want to help provide the opportunity for all students to be involved in music programs. 

Music education helps build important skills including project management, team building, effective time administration, leadership, cooperation, collaboration, and so much more. 

Benefit Bidding’s 3 Step Solution

Step 1

Contact Benefit Bidding or click the link at the bottom of this page to order your custom branded online auction. Benefit Bidding will then create an online auction website for your organization.

Step 2

We know finding exciting and unique auction items can be difficult so we created “Auction In A Box”.  Just select your auction items from Benefit Bidding’s catalog: travel packages, sports memorabilia,  jewelry, and MORE.

You are ready to have an online fundraising auction!

To raise even more, we suggest adding additional items that your organization has obtained.  To assist you with acquiring donations,  Click Here! to request a copy of our  “Auction Item Donation Guide”

We can include an auction item donation form in the sidebar of your online auction site so supporters can easily donate.

Step 3

Publicize your Custom Branded Online Auction!


Use email and social media.

YES, it REALLY is that EASY!

Just Imagine…

Your custom branded online auction has just concluded.

What will you buy with all of the funds you just raised??

Instrument Repair?
New Instruments?
Travel Expenses?

Raise Even More Through Sponsorships

Selling Sponsorships

Sponsorhips are an excellent way for you to raise even more money while providing a valuable advertising opportunity for businesses.  Your auction website can include sponsor information including logos and a clickable link to their website.  This is a GREAT advertising opportunity for your supporters.  Done properly, sponsorships can raise an incredible amount of funds for your organization! 

Mobile Bidding

Mobile bidding, which is included in your online auction, can turn any event into a fundraising opportunity:
band concerts, musicals, plays, football, basketball, and baseball games, walks, races….
the opportunities are unlimited!


No Percentage of Sale or Hidden Fees

Pricing for our custom branded online only website sites: $600 Flat Fee No Percentage of Sale or Hidden Fees. Order your auction before September 15, 2017 and SAVE $50. ENTER CODE: SWM2017 when ordering your auction