Whatever your age or interest, each month in Paris has its unique attractions and pleasures: cutting-edge fashion, food, and fun offered against a backdrop of 3,000 years worth of history! Tour the magnificent landmarks and sites of this beautiful city, and then cruise along the River Seine. Savor the culinary delights of French cuisine as you learn the techniques behind preparing your favorite food, and dine at the famous restaurant at the Eiffel Tower.

The hotel Le Littre is peacefully located on the Paris Left Bank, between Saint Germain des Pres and Montparnasse, the new areas for fashion designers and luxury shops. Stroll up and down the famous Champs Elysees and pose in front the Arc de Triomphe, which impressively stands above the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, solemnly commemorating the dead of the two world wars.

Surround yourself in everything delicious that Paris has to offer! For cooks from around the world, L’Atelier Des Sens and La Cuisine Paris are the schools for learning the secrets of French cuisine. Both schools offer hands-on cooking classes in professional kitchens, led by skilled chefs who will impart their lessons on the artful French technique. From learning how to make macarons, croissants, and the quintessential French baguette, you’ll take home the best souvenir of all: French culinary savoir-faire!

Lunch at 58 Tour Eiffel is sure to be a memorable experience! The large windows of this restaurant, located on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, offer breathtaking views of the Trocadero, as well as up-close views of the tower itself. Savor delicious traditional French cuisine while enjoying quintessential Paris!

Your Seine River cruise is an exceptional and relaxing way to explore the city of romance. It will take you along the cherished river along Paris’ most treasured landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame, and under numerous bridges, including Pont-Neuf, the oldest, built in 1607.



5678Louvre, Paris, France11Basilique du Sacre Coeur


Eiffel Tower at Night16


View from Notre DameLouvre, Paris, France

Get ready for an illuminating experience in the City of Lights! Paris will mesmerize you with its beauty, history and cuisine, and you’ll have the opportunity to experience all three. From the top of the Eiffel Tower, to the calm waters of the Seine for a champagne sipping cruise, and down to the market where you’ll prepare for your chef-led cooking class, this is sure to be a decadent and delicious Parisian experience from beginning to end!

Stay in grand comfort at the Paris’ Hotel Le Littre, which puts you on the Left Bank, between Saint Germain des Pres and Montparnasse, the new areas for fashion designers and luxury shops. Stroll up and down the famous Champs Elysees and pose in front the Arc de Triomphe, which impressively stands above the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, solemnly commemorating the dead of the two world wars. You’ll pass more of Paris’ famous landmarks and structures as you make your way down the Seine on a champagne sipping cruise, replete with tastings of a Brut, a Demi Sec and a Rose champagne and a wine and cheese lunch. This is truly the most indulgent way to taste Paris! Of all Paris’ sights, one landmark you absolutely cannot miss is the Eiffel Tower, the tallest structure in all of Paris. You’ll see all of the City of Lights from the top, and with your skip the line pass, you won’t have to waste any time ascending all 1,063 feet!

Bring your appetite to Paris for your French market cooking class, a wonderful four-hour experience that begins with a stroll through the market with your guide and chef, where you’ll learn about the seasonal vegetables, meats, poultry, and cheeses that you’ll be cooking with later. This culinary experience differs from others in that the menu is not established until the small class shops – everyone will decide as a group what to buy and what to cook! And of course the best part of all cooking classes is the privilege of feasting on the fruits of your labor at the end!




Italy at Night

Escape to the stunning scenery and paramount beauty of Italy’s beloved Amalfi Coast and the eternal charm of Rome! Whether you’ve been to Italy before or this is your first time, you’ll fall in love with the wide spectrum of wonders this country has to offer, from ancient ruins to gorgeous relics, a captivating culture, breathtaking sites, and a passion for Catholicism. Soak up as much as you can on three tours, one of the outdoor museum of Pompeii, preserved under several meters of ash from volcanic eruption; another of the enchanting coastline of Capri; as well as a quintessential tour of the Vatican in Rome.

Begin your Italian journey with a stay at the four-star Hotel Palazzo Murat in Positano, a historical palace in the heart of the city. You won’t want to forget to bring your camera to capture memories of Positano, the most photogenic city along the Italian coast. Prepare to fall in love with the colorful, steep streets with houses stacked high, fashionable boutiques, the charm of crumbling stucco, and the special atmosphere that makes Positano positively perfect. The ash-covered Roman ruins of Pompeii will take your breath away on a private half-day tour. Your English-speaking guide will lead you through the winding streets of this industrious city, which today serves as an excavation site, and which lays covered in 4-6 meters of ash after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

You’ll then continue on to Capri, where you’ll stay at the four-star hotel La Palma. Located in the most vibrant area of the island, this convivial boutique hotel is the perfect choice for those who appreciate authenticity and high quality hospitality. Built in 1822, this is the oldest hotel on the island of Capri, and it offers a warm welcome after days spent touring the fabled beauty of this Mediterranean oasis set on the Tyrrhenian Sea. An English-speaking guide will lead you on a private boat tour of the island, which is the ideal way to explore all of the island’s private beaches and caves. And no Capri boat tour would be complete without an exploration of the brilliant emerald and azure waters of the Grotta Azzurra (the Blue Grotto)!

After a ferry ride to Naples, private transfers will take you to the last leg of your trip – the one and only, Eternal City! Spend the last two days discovering all the romance and wonders for which the Eternal City is known during your stay at the four-star Fortyseven Hotel. You’ll be right in the heart of the city, near the charming, medieval neighborhood of Trastevere, where you can explore the hidden corners of Rome. This hotel also gives you convenient access to some of the most famous Roman landmarks, including the Forum, Piazza Venezia, the Domus Aurea, as well as the seventh-century church of San Giorgio al Velabro, and several archaeological sites such as the Teatro Marcello. Explore the awe-inspiring beauty of antiquity, culture and religion on a half-day small group tour to the Vatican, one of the most significantly historic sites in all the world!

St Peters BasilicaSorrento, ItalySt Peters Basilica

Obelisk, Saint Peter's Square, Vatican City

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