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Your event is important to Benefit Bidding.  How important?  So important we dedicate an entire blog post just for you and your event.  We want you to make money for your organization and do something great to help your community.  In order to do that, we put together some great information about your event and your organization.

The blog includes many different pieces of information that will help promote your event.  Benefit Bidding provides a ton of information about your organization that will help your fundraiser.  We tell your community about what your organization does and what you are raising money to help do.  This information can really help people get behind your event and help you promote your cause.  We also include any logo designs for your organization and your event.

Your online auction is also linked to the blog.  This gives your organization the opportunity to start making money for your cause as soon as the blog goes up!  The online auction includes pictures, descriptions, and other information to make the most money for your cause.  You can also use this to sell tickets to your event!  It’s an easy way to make a big difference in your fundraising!

Our blog information includes everything you need to help promote your event in an easy to read blog which you can send out to all the people who would be interested in your event.  The blog is easy to link to and you can send it out on Twitter, Facebook, email and other social media sites.

Curious?  Take a look at some great examples by following the link here.  Benefit Bidding can help you organize and promote the information for your organization’s event!  Call us today for your free consultation!

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