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January is a great time to start looking ahead to what the new year will bring.  Getting organized and making plans for the year will help you and your organization decide your priorities and help everyone get on the same page.  At the start of 2016, we did a blog post on setting goals.  In this blog post, we will talk about organizing your calendar for the year.

Online calendars are a great way to share dates, times, meetings, goals, and other information to those who need it.  Organizations like yours often have committees, sub-committees, and boards.  Therefore, people in your organization would benefit from a calendar option that allows them to see when things are supposed to be done and help plan for the future.  A great way to plan the year is to start at the end.  Plan the best date for your events and auctions, then work your way backwards on the calendar to set your time table and goals.  Be sure to check out our Consulting Page for a brief look at Benefit Bidding’s timeline to auction planning. is a free online calendar that allows an unlimited amount of users to have access and add thier own dates and times to one team calender.  Each user is assigned a color and can add to the calendar as needed.  This is a great way for everyone to look at who is in charge of what aspect of your organization and to help keep everyone on track.

Google Calendar is my personal favorite.  Most everyone online has a Google account.  This is a great way to have as many calendars as you need to run your organization.  Users see what the person who made the calender wants them to see.  For example, you could make one calendar for the overall organizational goals and limit those who can see it to your executive board.  Committees can have their own calendars and allow access to the board and the committee.  Users can also view their personal calendars, tasks, and organizational calendars together without other people having to view them.  Tasks are easy to organize and prioritize.  Google Calendar is easy to use and can be updated from smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices.

Online calendars are great way to keep your entire organization organized and on track for the year.  When you settle on a date for your auction, be sure to contact Benefit Bidding to start planning!  We always offer free consultations and can help you set fundraising goals for your organization.


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