social media pinterestIn this series we have been exploring how to make social media work for you.  In this section, we will be exploring Pinterest and every way you can make it a great way to connect with your organization.

Pinterest is an amazing website that allows people to share ideas, projects, wishes, and even dreams.  Users plan parties, weddings, get ideas on raising children, and any diy project you could ever want to make.  As a personal user, it is amazing, but using it for your organization can be phenomenal.  To get started, you need to make a Pinterest account for your organization.  Signing-up is easy and free.  When you sign-up, you can connect your account to your other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.  This can make letting people know about new pins easy and can help cross promote your organization.

When you start, you will want to make boards that give your follower something interesting to look at.  Focus on your organizations wants and needs, make boards that speak to your organization.  Look for inspiration in boards from The Salvation Army or the ASPCA.  Here is a list of other non-profit organizations that are great at making boards on Pinterest.

Once you plan and make your boards, you can start pinning.  You can pin things that have already been pinned, i.e. re-pin them, or you can make original pins.  Pin photos from your meetings and events.  Pin photos of auction items and ideas for things your organization needs to keep going.  Make people care about your organization by pinning things that make your organization personal for them.

You can also follow organizations on Pinterest and re-pin things are passionate about.  Be sure to follow Benefit Bidding on Pinterest for ideas about auctions, games, different fundraising activities, and more!  Pinterest can be an amazing tool that allows people to connect with your organization on a personal level.  It can also be really fun!  So go make Pinterest work for you!

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