In this series, we are making social media work for you and your organization!  In this blog post we will talk about Instagram and Youtube.  Both of these are great and visually interesting tools to help promote your organization’s goals.

Instagram is a great way to post photos and share information about events.  This social media platform is best used in real time, meaning, you upload photos and information as it’s happening.  All you need a smartphone with a camera or a tablet computer with a camera.  It’s easier to use these than try to upload photos later.  Instagram is amazing at letting multiple people upload photos to one account.  You can give the username and password to multiple people at an event and each can upload fun and interesting photos.  You can also post amazing photos of the people and things your organization helps with. You can also follow other people, companies, and organizations on Instagram.  Follow the link to see 16 or the Best Brands on Instagram article from Hubspot.  Be sure to post frequently so your subscribers always have something to look forward to.

Youtube is a fun and easy way to upload videos.  Videos can range from personal, informal, interviews with your members to scripted short shows that focus on your organization’s goals.  The best thing about Youtube is the fun you can have imagining all the things you can put on your channel.  You also don’t need any special equipment.  Any smartphone with a video camera will work!  Check out the channel for the Museum of Modern Art, which features art restoration projects, interviews with curators, and artists making art.  The Monterey Bay Aquarium features a walk through of their facility, live animal cams, and cute videos of baby animals.  You can really do anything with Youtube.  Your message can be anything you want to portray.  Follow the link for Tips on Increasing Youtube Subscribers.  Sign-up at  Be sure to follow Benefit Bidding on youtube as well!

Posting on social media can be fun and increase awareness in your organization.  Be sure to check out our other Make Social Media Work for You posts.  You never know, you might find something to help your organization gain followers!

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