Welcome to the second part of our series about making social media work for you!  This month, we will talk about blogs.  This is an amazing opportunity to let people everywhere know about what your organization is doing and how they can help facilitate your goals.

Blogging is a great way to provide information to people.  It provides a casual environment where people can read at their leisure.  There are many free blogging sites online including wordpress.com, blogger.com, and many others.  Look for one that provides statistics on who looks at your blog.  This gives you great information on how many people are reading your blog and allows you to improve how you advertise your message over time.

First, before you begin your blog, make a schedule of your blog posts will help you maintain an audience and keep readers coming back for more. An easy way to do this is to make a calendar of your events, schedules of meetings, and any other activities that are important to your organization.  Second, decide how often the blog will be updated.  You should update your blog consistently.  If you want to post every month, make sure you post every month on the same day at the same time.  Once a week is as often as you should post.  More than that will make your readers feel overwhelmed.  Once a month is the least you should post.  Less often will require you to work very hard to have readers come back for new information.

Writing a blog can be an intimidating thought.  Luckily, the internet has some great writing prompts to help get you started.  The calendar and schedule you made will also come in handy to write about upcoming events.  You should avoid posting about the minutia of your organization.  People who are not attending your meetings do not need to see your meeting minutes or know what snacks your served.  Begin by thinking in broad strokes to make your blog accessible to every reader.  Be sure to add pictures from the public domain to avoid violating any copywrite laws.  You can find a list of websites that provide photos here.  You can have one person write the blog posts, or you can have many members write posts.  It is helpful to have one person schedule the post, proofread the material, and check for grammar and spelling issues.  This ensures your blog post will be professional and posted on time.

When you have a blog post published, make sure to let everyone know.  You can send out a Facebook post and a tweet (on Twitter) about your post.  Including the link of where to find the post will let readers get to in easily.  The easier it is to get to, the more readers you will have.  Be sure to send all the members of your organization the link and let them know how often the blog will be updated.

Blogs are a great way to keep your readers informed of what is going on in your organization.  With these tips and tricks, your blog can be amazing and fun to read!

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