Popcorn Bidding

For online auctions Benefit Bidding offers a feature known as “Popcorn” or “Dynamic” bidding.  If a bid is made within a set time usually set to 9 minutes and 59 seconds of the auction’s scheduled closing time, Popcorn Bidding automatically extends the scheduled closing time for the auction of that particular item for another 10 minutes after the bid is made. Each subsequent bid resets the clock to allow bids to be made for another 10 minutes. Once there has been no bidding activity for 10 minutes, the bidding is considered completed and no further bidding is accepted. The auction for the item is closed. As always, the person who placed the highest bid wins the item.

Popcorn bidding prevents a practice known as “sniping,” where bidders place a bid in the last seconds before an auction closes, thus preventing other bidders from responding with a higher bid. Auctions which employ Popcorn Bidding mimic traditional “live” auctions.

As always, if there is a specific item you really want, it is in your best interest to monitor the auction during the last few minutes and to offer the highest Auto Bid amount that you are willing to spend.

Please contact us at auction@benefitbidding.com for more information about Popcorn Bidding, Online Auctions, Mobile Bidding or raising funds for your philanthropic organization.  Turning on the Popcorn Bidding options will result in raising more funds with your online fundraising auction.

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