Team events are an amazing way to raise money for your organization.  They can really bring a community together and help more people hear about your organization and the causes they support.  Here are some ideas for live team fundraiser events that include silent auctions or online auctions.

Spelling Bee Competition: Everyone loves to show off how smart they are and spelling bees for adults are the perfect way to make that happen.  A participating team will sign-up to participate and rules can vary depending the degree of difficulty and how many teams or individual participants you have.  Teams can pay a small entry fee in addition to having a silent auction or online auction.  Click here for more information on planning a spelling bee.

Trivia Night: This is another amazing and fun idea for a community activity.  Teams form to answer general knowledge questions and see who is the smartest.  Questions are asked and a timer starts to help move the game along.  In order to play as a team, people can pay a small fee and can also participate in a silent auction and an online auction.  Teams can also win small certificates or prizes for decorating a table, having the best team name, or best team uniform.  Find some great ideas to help plan your event here.

Bowling Tournament:  Bowling is a great team fundraiser.  Teams pay a small fee to play and win prizes based on their overall scores.  Bowling can be great fun and bowling alleys are more than willing to help provide a place for your event.  Prizes can also be given for best team name and best bowling uniforms.

Benefit Bidding can help you plan any of these events and help you with any of your auction needs.  We offer a wide variety of services that can make these types of events incredible experiences for your guests.  These events can be great fundraisers, but adding an online auction and/or silent auction can really help you make the most money for your organization.


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