You might think you have a small organization or that you don’t have many auction items, so having an auction isn’t right for you.  We work with organizations both small and large, with live auctions and online auctions.  We have so much to offer your organization starting with your first phone call for a consultation!

A consultation with us is meant for us to listen and ascertain what type of fundraising event would be right for you.  We want you to have the best experience, so our professional staff will make sure your individual needs are met.  It does not matter what size auction, how much money you project you will raise, we will provide you with the best service to make the most of your auction.  Listening to your wants and needs is our highest priority.

We will also provide you with an auction planning guide.  This guide will help you understand all of our services and give you valuable information to help you plan your event.  It takes between 6 months and a year to plan a large auction.  Why not take the time to do it right and allow us to help you make the most of your event.  Every live auction walks a tightrope between party and  fundraiser.  Benefit Bidding has the expertise to strike the right balance, making your sure your guests enjoy themselves and your organization gains the funds it needs.

Our consultations with you can help you determine the right venue for your event, how much time it will take to plan, help you find items for the auction, even helping your set the room to best generate the most money from your auctions.  A list of consulting services is available here.

Starting with your first call, we will help you make a memorable, fun, and profitable night for your organization.  Benefit Bidding will be there every step of the way.  We want to help you make the most for your organization no matter how big or small.  Contact us for your consultation today!

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