San Diego is California’s second largest city, a beautiful place where blue skies keep watch on 70 miles of beaches and a gentle Mediterranean climate begs for a day of everything and nothing. Of Mission Bay hotels, the Hyatt is the closest to SeaWorld, where you can have fun in the sun with ocean-dwelling friends. The inhabitants and characters in the San Diego Zoo will charm you, from the black and white and very adorable pandas, to the meerkat, the camels; or witness the rare and exotic animals up close at the exciting shows at Safari Park.

The Hyatt Regency Mission Bay is a unique find among San Diego hotels. Picture a resort-like landscaped setting in the heart of Mission Bay Park, offering panoramic views of the marina and the Pacific Ocean, a pampering spa and water playground with multiple slides.

You’ll have a blast at SeaWorld Venture beneath the waves for an up-close look at Shamu, moray eels, dozens of other exotic creatures; touch the California bay rays as they glide through the water, and observe sea lions and harbor seals closer than ever before! Explore the animal kingdom at the San Diego Zoo, where the elephants, along with lions, jaguars, camels, tapirs, and pronghorns, are the descendants of animals from the Pleistocene, 12,000 years ago or see Safari Park’s jaw-dropping Cheetah Run, Frequent Flyer Bird Show with over 40 different species and the exciting expedition on the Park’s African Tram Safari.


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Hyatt Regency Mission Bay, California5Hyatt Regency Mission Bay, California

During SeaWorld San Diego’s hilarious “Sea Lions LIVE” show, Clyde and Seamore poke fun at popular TV shows, including “Survivor.”

Bottlenose dolphins peek through the glass at SeaWorld San Diego’s Rocky Point Preserve, an attraction where guests can feed and interact with these amazing marine mammals.

Hyatt Regency Mission Bay, California