Escape to extraordinary elegance at the Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, or the Hyatt Regency Washington, all of which offer easy access to all the highlights of the Capitol! Relax in the ParkHyatt’s luxury in the fashionable West End neighborhood; the downtown Grand Hyatt features convenient in-lobby Metro Center access, and the Hyatt Regency sits just a few blocks from the Capitol. Your Old Town trolley tour will take you to the Jefferson Memorial, Ford’s Theater, the National Gallery of Art, the Washington Monument (and so many other famous attractions!) through the USA’s rich past to present day, with humorous stories and fascinating trivia!

Discover all that Washington, DC has to offer, from the revered monuments and celebrated museums, to the restaurants and walking tours. Entertain yourself with an afternoon of espionage at the International Spy Museum. Learn about the people and events that have shaped America’s history, from historic attractions such as the U.S. Capitol Building, the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian Museum, the Holocaust Museum and the White House. Take in all of this excitement of the city and more from the extraordinary Park Hyatt, the upscale elegance of the Grand Hyatt, or the inviting Hyatt Regency!

Your Old Town Trolley Tour will guide you from landmark to landmark, including the Capitol Building, Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian and the Museum of Natural History, just to name a few of the stops!

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