Donation Solicitation Letters

A successful auction relies on getting great auction items.

Getting auction items requires you to ask for donations from a variety of different sources.  Here are some tips and links to help you get donations through writing solicitation letters.

Solicitation letters are essential when asking for items.  Create a form letter that identifies who you are, what your organization does, and what you need.  In order to create this letter, you will need to start with a letterhead.  You can create an electronic letterhead easily.  Microsoft Word has a template to use.    Youtube has an excellent tutorial on how to do this:

Here are some tips on what to include and how to write your letter:

  1. Address your letter to a specific person instead of to a business.  If you aren’t sure who to address it to, do a simple search, or contact the company and ask to whom donation requests should be sent.
  2. State exactly what type of donation you are looking to receive.  If you don’t know, place a monetary value on the donation.  For example, you could say we would like a donation equal in value of $20.
  3. Be specific.  People are busy and do not want to track you down to ask questions.  The more information you give them upfront, the better your chances of getting the donations you want and need.
  4. Keep your letter to one page.
  5. Have someone proofread your letter.

Don’t be nervous about sending out solicitation letters.  Sending letters is a great way to make contact with people about your cause.  

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