ID-100226209Many people go on vacation during the summer.  If you plan on going somewhere, or even having a staycation, use it as inspiration for your next auction.

When I go on vacation, I usually do and try things I normally wouldn’t at home.  For example, on a cruise there are many things that are great activities your group could auction.  I went to a high tea once.  Why not auction off a tea party?  There are local tea rooms that could host, or you could have one at someone’s home.  Other inspirations from cruise ships are tequila or wine tastings, events at local aquariums, a character party for children (Spend the Afternoon with Elmo), exotic food cooking classes, spa days, and many others.

Going camping?  Why not auction off a tent, or a camping stove?  Another idea could be to have a backyard family campout (you would plan age appropriate activities and food and the family enjoys).

Having a staycation?  Why not use local things you love to inspire you?  What do you love to do?  Do your kids love the zoo?  Auction off a zoo birthday party.  Do you love to play golf? Auction off a round of golf for 4.  Interested in skydiving?  Auction off a jump.  Are there products you love to use?  Make an silent auction basket with those products.

Anything can be used as inspiration to make your auction successful.  Take a look at things you love to do, or would love to do and auction it off!

Photo from  Photo by Sura Nualpradid.

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